Intensive course structure

The course will start with an assessment lesson (explained below), after which we can arrange your course dates and book your driving test. If you haven’t yet passed the theory test we also have course packages that include the theory test fee and study material. Each day of the course will consist of between one and three 2-hour training sessions with a short refreshment break in between each session. Training will be in accordance with the most current DSA syllabus and the driving test will be arranged as the final hour of your course.

Assessment lesson

To determine the most suitable course package, you’ll first need to complete a two hour assessment lesson with one of our driving instructors. This is also an opportunity for you get to know the instructor and try out the tuition car prior to booking your intensive driving course. The assessment lesson can be taken any time, however we recommend you book it as early as possible, at least 3 weeks prior to the start date of your course.
Course packages

Complete beginner (40 hours)
This course is aimed at pupils with very little, if any previous driving experience who need to be taught all their driving skills. The course can be spread over 7 to 10 days or longer depending on your requirements. Syllabus >>

Novice driver (30 hours)
As a novice student, you’ll already have had around 10-15 hours experience with an instructor or a family member driving in a car park or on roads with light traffic. You would likely have practiced car control, steering, clutch control when moving away, stopping and some gear changing. Syllabus >>

Intermediate (20 hours)
As an intermediate driver, you’ll be expected to have a good car control and fairly confident driving in medium traffic, moving off at junctions, roundabouts. You’d have practiced most driving test manoeuvres although likely to still need further practice. This course is normally taken over 5 days, starting on Monday with the Test on the Friday. Syllabus >>

Advanced / Failed test (12 hours)
If you’ve been driving extensively on a foreign licence or recently failed your driving test, then this course may be right for you. Your instructor will focus on helping you work off bad habits and to correct common driving mistakes. The course is normally taken over two or three days with the driving test taken as the final hour. Syllabus >>