Beginners’ intensive course

This course is ideal if you have had little or no driving experience previously, or possibly if you’ve had some driving lessons before but are still very nervous. The length of the course is 40 hours with the last hour reserved for the driving test. It can be spread over 7 to 10 days, or longer depending on your preference. On each day of the course, you’ll be driving between 2 and 6 hours, split into 2 hour sessions with short refreshment breaks in between each session.

Course syllabus

The beginners intensive driving course is split into 4 stages which cover all the topics in the DSA syllabus for the practical test. Below is a general outline of the course. In reality however, your instructor will likely move faster on topics that you find easy and spend more time on areas where you require more practice.

Hours 1-10 – After this initial stage, you should feel relatively comfortable driving on quiet, low speed roads with light traffic. You’ll know how to drive away from parked position, use the mirrors when turning and have a basic command of the gears.

  • Car controls
  • Driving away safely
  • Stopping safely
  • Starting on a hill
  • Turning and use of mirrors

Hours 11-20 – By the end of this second stage, you’ll be expected to demonstrate a relatively good car control, being able to drive in medium traffic and move off at junctions and roundabouts.

  • T-junctions
  • Crossroads
  • Roundabouts
  • Meeting situations
  • Difficult turns

Hours 21-30 -You’ll now be focusing on the driving test manoeuvres, namely reversing around a corner, reverse parking, bay parking and making a three-point turn on the road. You’ll also spend considerable time practicing difficult turns, junctions, crossroads, roundabouts as well as learning to deal independently with meeting situations.

  • Reversing round a corner
  • Reverse parking
  • Bay parking
  • turning in the road (3 point turn)
  • Pedestrian crossings

Hours 31-38 -During this final stage of the course, you’ll practice driving on dual carriageways, overtaking other vehicles and driving independently without any directions from your instructor. You’ll also learn how to stop the car safely in the event of an emergency. Much of your training time will be spent improving your existing driving skills and working off any bad habits you may have picked up.

  • Dual carriageways
  • Overtaking other vehicles
  • Independent driving
  • Emergency stop

Hours 39-40 -Test day. On the day of your practical test, the instructor will pick you up one hour before the test start time so that you can get some last-minute practice and refresh your skills immediately before the test. Good luck!

How to book

Before booking this course, we recommend you first complete an assessment lesson with one of our instructors. To book yourself in for the assessment, please contact us on free-phone 03330 111 6858 . We’re open Monday to Friday 9am-8pm and Saturdays 10am-1pm.